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Headquarters Introduction | Robust, Stylish, and Functional POS and Self-Service Kiosk for the Modern Restaurant

Headquarters Introduction

Jarltech provides OEM/ODM services for electronic products and hardware integration, assisting clients from the initial concept stage through to the production of tangible products

Our factory site is meticulously planned, from the choice of building materials to the layout of the interior and exterior spaces, with each area serving a specific purpose for the benefit of both our customers and ourselves. Here you'll find key functions such as sourcing and product management, logistics and administration, marketing and sales, as well as our in-house production facilities. Our manufacturing facilities are continually updated to meet the evolving demands of technical innovation and industrial product manufacturing.

1. Exceptional Quality and Customized Machinery

Jarltech is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring quality assurance. Our machine specifications are tailored to meet the requirements of both international markets and customers. Furthermore, all of Jarltech's machine components, electronic parts, and safety devices conform to CE regulations.

2. Fully Equipped SMT/DIP Production Environment

We offer component sourcing, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), DIP (Dual In-line Package) soldering, assembly, testing and finished product packaging. We are continually developing our automated manufacturing processes to provide a one-stop service that satisfies our customers. In addition, we offer 24-hour SMT and DIP production services with a flexible production schedule to meet customer ETA requirements and accommodate low volume, high variety production.

3. Free Flow Assembly Line

On Jarltech's extensive free-flow assembly line, a number of parts and components flow through the assembly lines, being processed by various operators before culminating in the production of final products destined for customer use. Typically, an assembly line is a semi-automated system through which a product moves. At each station along the line, specific stages of the production process are carried out. The people and machines involved in production remain stationary along the line as the product moves through the cycle from its initial stages to completion.

Quality Control on the Production Line:

• IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

Supports suppliers in quality control of raw materials and semi-finished products (modules) to manage and control incoming quality and prevent the use of defective components.

Task of IQC:

• The IQC department will verify the material quality based on the data sheet provided by the R&D department.
• Follow MIL-STD-105E standard to do Random Inspection.

Inspection Equipment:

• Digital Caliper
• Digital Meter
• ICR Meter
• DC Power Supply
• Cable Tester
• Mechanical Tension Device
• Noise Audiometer

• In-Process Quality Control
Sub-Assembly and Main Assembly:

• Each station will follow the standard operating procedure (SOP), and the in-process quality control (IPQC) department will inspect and verify it per the SOP to ensure manufacturing quality.
• During assembly, import key materials into the shop-floor system and record the serial number link, making it easy for the customer to access the production history.

System Verify:

• We create diverse testing programs and utilize appropriate testing fixtures to screen products in various ways, performing full functional tests. If any problems are found during this procedure, production will halt for maintenance.
• All IPC systems are subjected to two rounds of full functional testing: from pre-test to burn-in test to post-test.

Burn In:

• To identify any faulty electronic components, all IPC systems must undergo a burn-in process using a dynamic test system/program that provides continuous full-load testing.
• The factory's burn-in system is fully automated and follows a first-in, first-out protocol, which allows for precise control of the burn-in time.
Burn In
• To improve the Aging Test, we will randomly inspect each lot and subject them to extended high-temperature Burn-In tests in the ORT Lab for an extended period.

Outgoing Quality Assurance

• Before dispatch, our OQC department conducts thorough inspections and testing in adherence to the Inspection Specification to guarantee the production's overall quality.
• Finished goods are placed on fumigated wooden pallets and covered with waterproof bags to prevent moisture during transport.

4. Comprehensive Test Equipmen

In our product testing process we carry out a wide range of tests to ensure that each product meets our customers' end product requirements. Jarltech has different test equipment for assembly lines, and depending on the customer's needs in the manufacturing process, we have different test stations with specific functional tests to perform rigorous quality checks. These tests are carried out to ensure that the machines meet each customer's final product specifications. We also provide warranty and repair services to our customers, including ECO upgrades (both hardware and software), system level repairs and component level repairs. Each repair project includes a detailed technical fault diagnosis followed by a thorough root cause analysis. All repairs are carried out in a clean and static-free environment to ensure the highest quality standards.

5. Experienced Research and Development Team

Our dedicated R&D teams have the technical expertise to efficiently produce customised machines and improve machine quality. We tailor machines to each customer's specific product specifications, weight and shape for pilot testing. At Jarltech, customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Headquarters Introduction | High-Quality Self-Service Kiosk Solutions | Jarltech

Located in Taiwan since 1987, Jarltech International Inc. has been a developer and manufacturer of POS and Kiosk systems for restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets. Their main software and hardware products include, small business POS systems, self-service kiosks, smart card readers, Bluetooth thermal printers, embedded motherboards and all-in-one panel PCs, focusing on providing interactive kiosk solutions.

Leverage Jarltech’s 30+ years of expertise in developing innovative POS and Kiosk systems tailored for diverse business needs in restaurants, retail stores, and supermarkets. Our specialized solutions, encompassing IPC, Touch Monitor, Thermal Printer, and Smart Card Reader, are designed to elevate your business operations, ensuring seamless transactions and enhanced customer experiences.

Jarltech has been offering customers global B2B solutions with Jarltech’s POS and Kiosk Systems since 1987, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Jarltech ensures each customer's demands are met.