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Jarltech focused on Self-Service Kiosk solution, including IPC, Touch Monitor, Thermal Printer and Smart Card Reader. / Jarltech provides OEM / ODM services for electronic product and hardware integration, assisting clients with their products from concept to finalization.Our main focus is the commercial success of our client's product.


Jarltech focused on Self-Service Kiosk solution, including IPC, Touch Monitor, Thermal Printer and Smart Card Reader.

Services for New Product Development

Jarltech consistently recognizes the significance of utilizing a comprehensive approach to assist clients in accelerating product launches.

This comprehensive approach, covering electronic development, PCB assembly, industrial design, enclosure tooling solutions, and turnkey manufacturing, maximizes clients' market prospects by quickly and effectively delivering product solutions.

When you have a cutting-edge concept but limited resources for development and production, we can skillfully engineer and follow a phased development plan with various checkpoints, as well as a well-defined manufacturing schedule.

Move your product more rapidly and cost effectively through development to testing and production. The portfolio shows our ability to fulfill our client's requirements in the past few years.


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POS System - Point of Sale (POS) System Solution
POS System

The design of modern POS systems includes a high-speed CPU that provides powerful processing...

Self-Ordering-Kiosks - Self Ordering Kiosk JP-SC100

The Self-Order Kiosk redefines the guest ordering experience with an interactive, modern approach...

Smart Card Reader - Smart card reader module
Smart Card Reader

Smart card readers are used with smart cards, which are plastic cards with an embedded chip....

Thermal Printer - 2" & 3" Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer

Thermal printers are widely used in both consumer and industrial applications. Jarltech has been...

Embedded Motherboard - Customized Embedded System Solution
Embedded Motherboard

Jarltech has designed various industrial embedded motherboards for both X86 and ARM platforms....

All in One Panel PC - Panel PC Solution
All in One Panel PC

Jarltech designs fanless and modular panel computers for various industries. Our units contain...

Touch Monitor - Touch monitor
Touch Monitor

Engineered to facilitate collaboration and increase productivity, Jarltech's touch monitor...

Digital-Signage - Digital Signage

Jarltech creates digital signage solutions to assist customers in improving their communication...

Internet of Things - (IOT) - Expanding view
Internet of Things - (IOT)

Jarltech recognizes that the Internet of Things (IoT) enhances productivity by transforming...

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Product | Cutting-Edge POS Systems Manufacturer | Jarltech

Located in Taiwan since 1987, Jarltech International Inc. has been a developer and manufacturer of POS and Kiosk systems for restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets. Their main software and hardware products include, Product, small business POS systems, self-service kiosks, smart card readers, Bluetooth thermal printers, embedded motherboards and all-in-one panel PCs, focusing on providing interactive kiosk solutions.

Leverage Jarltech’s 30+ years of expertise in developing innovative POS and Kiosk systems tailored for diverse business needs in restaurants, retail stores, and supermarkets. Our specialized solutions, encompassing IPC, Touch Monitor, Thermal Printer, and Smart Card Reader, are designed to elevate your business operations, ensuring seamless transactions and enhanced customer experiences.

Jarltech has been offering customers global B2B solutions with Jarltech’s POS and Kiosk Systems since 1987, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Jarltech ensures each customer's demands are met.