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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Jarltech

Jarltech, an electronic development and manufacturing company based in Taiwan, has won awards for its excellence. With over 30 years of experience, the company is committed to serving the computer industry.

Who We Are

An Engineering and Manufacturing Company Providing Comprehensive Services

Jarltech was founded in 1987 as a full-service developer and manufacturer of custom electronic products. Our professional and experienced team possesses the skills and resources necessary to cater to our customers' needs. We specialize in embedded system and hardware design. Our clientele consists of companies that require custom platforms for their embedded software and companies seeking specific hardware to enhance their products' competitiveness in their respective markets.

Complete Support

From the outset, Jarltech's management team selected "Shu (恕)" as the cornerstone of our corporate culture. The notion of partnership is not a novel concept at Jarltech. The Chinese term "Shu (恕)" is composed of two characters - the upper representing "finding similarities among different entities" and the lower signifying "a shared heart and mind." At Jarltech, we follow the "Shu (恕)" philosophy which entails comprehending the other person's viewpoint by actively listening to their heart. By identifying common ground, we convert disparities into mutual gains. Our approach has always been to prioritize top-notch customer service.

Guided by this fundamental philosophy, Jarltech has fostered an environment that encourages individuals to excel. Our high staff retention rate and continuous investment in technology have enabled us to develop significant engineering expertise. At Jarltech, our people have refined their agility, allowing us to rapidly introduce new products to emerging markets, resulting in increased levels of individual and corporate success.

This trait is crucial for our company and is consistently upheld. We define good business ethics as follows.

  • With regards to our customers, we approach our commitments to our customers with care, and once we make them, we are steadfast in our dedication to fulfilling them, regardless of obstacles or costs.
  • With regards to our competitors, we compete while following regulations and without intentionally causing harm to our competitors' businesses.
  • With regards to our suppliers, we take a fair, honest, and impartial approach in choosing our vendors and working with them.

Jarltech International Inc.

What We Do

With more than 30 years of experience, we provide full-cycle development services. We can assist in the development of your product and its components, from conceptualization to serial production. We offer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with value-added ODM services, such as product development roadmaps, industrial design, rapid prototyping, cost-effective mass production, and RMA/repair services.

If you have an idea for product development and need a manufacturer to offer full engineering services, Jarltech is the perfect partner to work with.

Comprehensive electronic development comprises :

  • PCB layout and circuit design.
  • Firmware / Software design.
  • Industrial / Enclosure design.
  • Prototyping and manufacture of samples.
  • Tooling & molding.
  • Launch and support of mass-production.
  • Preparation for certification.
  • Marketing service.

We serve various industries with contract manufacturing needs, delivering low-cost turnkey solutions for product design and mass production. Our product development is tailored to meet market demands, drawing on our extensive production experience. There is no other connection technology manufacturer that offers such a wide range of products. Take advantage of our expertise and find the ideal product from our comprehensive selection.

Organization Chart
Key Management Team

In a highly competitive environment, the role of management is crucial to the success of the company.

Managers or leaders must have exceptional observational, analytical, and coordination skills to effectively manage the direction and progress of the project. In addition, they should be familiar with the strengths of each team member and assign tasks appropriately to maximize overall productivity.

In addition, management or leaders should be able to provide appropriate support when their team members face challenges to ensure the smooth progress of the product or project.

Type of Working Shift

Our company operates primarily on a day shift, but we have the flexibility to switch to a two-shift schedule when production demands it.


Our Product & ODM

Are you seeking a solution within your industry, or do you require something customized to your specific needs?

Popular Product / Panel PC

Jarltech produces panel computers in multiple sizes that are highly adaptable for implementing as multimedia kiosks or human-machine interfaces (HMIs) within the smart retail sector.