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Jarltech Touch Screen Solutions

Jarltech Touchscreen Solutions

Maintaining Jarltech Touch Panels

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading globally, it is imperative to maintain cleanliness of touch panel surfaces to reassure users. This is especially crucial because the virus can remain viable on surfaces for hours to days.

Jarltech has collected cleaning methods customized to various types and models and is ready to share them with you.

We recommend using designated cleaning chemicals carefully when maintaining both Jarltech projected capacitive (PCAP) and resistive touch panels.

Maintaining Jarltech Touch Panels

As recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is suggested to use alcohol and bleach to clean frequently touched surfaces.

Jarltech utilizes a comprehensive testing system to ensure that the materials used in our products meet the standards for performance, durability, and reliability, among others.

The touchscreens of Jarltech PCAP and resistive panels can withstand exposure to industrial chemicals and common household products, such as acetone, hexane, and laundry detergent. The touch surface remains unaffected by these substances due to its resilience.

Glass cleaners containing 5-10% ammonia, a 1:100 bleach-to-water solution, or 75% alcohol are suitable for cleaning the surface of Jarltech PCAP and resistive touch panels.

To clean your touch panel's surface, follow these steps:

1. Apply a cleaning solution, such as alcohol, bleach, or glass cleaner, on a clean cloth, ensuring it is fully saturated.

2. Carefully wipe the touch panel in a "Z" motion, making sure the cloth covers the entire surface of the panel.

3. Make sure to completely dry the panel with a dry cloth, removing as much of the cleaning solution as possible.

4. Another important precaution is to avoid mixing bleach and ammonia, as it can create a dangerous chemical reaction.

5. Please avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the touch panel surface.

Cleaning solutions containing bleach, alcohol, or ammonia can corrode the coatings on the touch panel surface and the ITO film.

Therefore, it is crucial not to leave the solution on the touch panel surface for more than two minutes. It is essential to eliminate any residue completely after cleaning.

When used correctly, this cleaning method will not harm PCAP or resistive (including GFG) touch panels. Additionally, it will not strip the AR coatings of LR and GFG LR touch panels.

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