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Jarltech provides OEM / ODM services of electronic products and hardware integration to assist client from idea to real product. Our primary concern is the commercial success of our client's product.

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  • Programmable Keyboard
    Programmable Keyboard

    Model 8031P is a tactile keyboard with QWERTY layout that accepts single and dual key caps using alphanumeric keys. The programmable keyboard is designed for data entry applications, which requires high flexibility and a compact size, as in the retail POS or industrial process environments. The programmable keys accommodate two concurrent key layouts and each key on the layout may be programmed to represent a data string of up to 60 characters. Changing between keyboard layouts is as simple as pressing a key. The Windows-based menu driven utility software provided by Jarltech allows for easy programming of the keyboard. The Model 8031p keyboard may be connected with any system using either a keyboard wedge interface or a RS232 interface. As an option, Jarltech integrates the keyboard with a programmable magnetic stripe reader capable of reading three tracks. A 6-position key lock module is also available to be attached as an option. For its high compatibility and convenience with integrated others hardware, it is suitable for applying into retail, hospital, fast food, multi-media, hotel, casino and gaming, financial service, medical service, identification, and other industrial application. With Jarltech's own professional abilities to design the customized product, we can also provide the OEM / ODM optimized solution for clients.

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