3-Inches With Cutter

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Embedded Motherboard

As hardware developer, we are keeping continue to expand our embedded solution, and meet client's critical programming and cost objectives.

Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer

Jarltech is well-experienced to develop highly reliable thermal printer. Include 2 inch and 3 inch thermal printer.


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Based in Taiwan, Jarltech International Inc., since 1987, provides 3-Inches With Cutter | electronic products and hardware integration to assist clients from idea to real product. Main product, including circuit design, electronic develop, PCB assembly, industrial design, hardware develop, low volume production, PCB DIP, EMS solution, assembly production, PCB manufacturing and so forth.

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Jarltech has been offering customers high-quality POS system and peripherals, both with strong engineering knowledge and 29 years of experience, Jarltech ensures each customer's demands are met.

3-Inches With Cutter

3X012CX, 3-Inches With Cutter

3-Inches With Cutter
3-Inches With Cutter

Support USB and RS232 Serial Port, also support Windows 2000/XP/7 and Linux Driver.

Product Introduction

The 312 Series is a 3 inch thermal printer head, with cutter for paper cutting. It is a high speed, high reliability, high performance thermal printer module, printing on 80mm width thermal paper. Its printing speed is up to 100mm/s, with voltage supply 12V and provide paper near-end sensor option. Thermal printers print more quietly and usually faster than impact dot matrix  printers. They are also smaller,  lighter and consume less power, making them ideal for portable and retail applications. The 312 series thermal printer module can be found in customer terminals, POS printer, ticket issuing terminals, barcode printers, banking terminals, cash register devices, and can be embedded easily into system or applications which require print outs.

The 312 series feed angel is 180 degrees, different from other providers. Thermal printers are well known for their high printing speed, which make some very suitable for some business applications. They do not have a lot of moving parts, therefore they are extremely reliable. Additionally, they have images that are durable, particularly thermal transfer printers.

Product Features

  • 3 Inches Thermal Printer With Cutter
  • Thermal Printing Method
  • Dots/line 640 dots/line
  • Printing Width (mm) 80 ± 0.2mm
  • Paper Width (mm) Max. 82.5mm (3.24 inch)
  • Paper Thickness 60 to 180 μ m
  • Easy Paper Loading
  • Support Paper Near-End Sensor (option)
  • Support Cutter 
  • Support Wide Operating Voltage Range
PrinterPrint Method : Thermal line dot printing
Printing Speed : Max. 100mm/second
Number of dots/line : 640 dots
Print Resolution : 8mm (dots/mm)
Printing Width : 80 ± 0.2mm
Paper Width : Max. 82.5mm(3.24inch)
Printing Thickness : 60 to 180 μ m
Paper Roller Diameter : Max. 100mm
Print Color : Black
Power Supply (V)Operating Voltage : 12V (± 10%)
Printer Head : 12V ± 10% (DCV)
Stepping Motor : 12V to 24V (DCV)
Cutter DC Motor : 12V
Head Logic : 3V to 5.5V (DCV)
Head Heat Element : 12V(Type)18V (Max.)
Energy Consumption : 0.8mJ/dot (0.5ms/line, 25℃)
Power Consumption : 0.41W/dot   
TPH Life : Pulse Life: 1x 108 pulses
Abrasion Life : 100km (Printer area 12.5%)
Cutter Life : 1000000 times( Based On 0.1mm Ordinary paper)
Paper Cutter
Type : Slide Type (Easy  Loading)
Cutting Width (mm) : 82.5mm (Max.)
Cutting Thickness (mm) : Max. 0.18mm
Min. Cut Length ( mm) : 10 mm
Cutting Type : Full  Cuts
DetectionTPH Temperature : Thermistor
Platen Position : Photo Interrupter
Out Of Paper : Photo Interrupter
Cutter Home Position : Micro Switch
Operating temperature : 5°C ~ 40°C (No Condensation)
Operation Humidity : 20~60RH (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C (Excluding Paper)
Additional FeaturesPaper Near End Option Available
FontsISO 8859
ISO 8859-2
Traditional Chinese (Big-5)
113mm(L) x 34.5mm(W) x 51mm(H)
OS SupportWindows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 7
Linux Drivers
FCC  Class B
ESD Level 2
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