Scheda madre integrata

Scheda madre integrata

Come sviluppatore hardware, continuiamo a espandere la nostra soluzione integrata e a soddisfare gli obiettivi di programmazione e costi critici del cliente.

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Stampante termica

Stampante termica

Jarltech ha una vasta esperienza nello sviluppo di stampanti termiche altamente affidabili. Include stampante termica da 2 pollici e 3 pollici.

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Ingegneria e produzione dei chioschi self-ordering di Jarltech

Jarltech International Inc. fornisce servizi di ingegneria e produzione di chioschi per auto-ordinamento a Taiwan, dal 1987.

Vengono forniti anche i prodotti elettronici personalizzati Jarltech, insieme allo sviluppo ingegneristico come circuiti, software, progetti di custodie e campionari, attrezzature e stampaggio, produzione industriale, certificazione e servizi di marketing.

Jarltech offre ai clienti progettazione di circuiti di alta qualità, sviluppo elettronico, assemblaggio di PCB, design industriale, sviluppo hardware, produzione a basso volume, DIP PCB, soluzione EMS, produzione di assemblaggio, ingegneria di produzione PCB e servizi chiavi in ​​mano. Con una solida conoscenza ingegneristica e 29 anni di esperienza, Jarltech si assicura di soddisfare le esigenze di ogni cliente.


New self-service technology built for SMBs

Self Ordering Kiosk JP-SC100
Self Ordering Kiosk JP-SC100

Self-Order Kiosk keeps you ahead of the competitor by creating a new kind of order experience for guests: one that’s interactive, trendy and gives customers what they want. While your guests are placing their own order, your staff can focus on the part of the experience that needs a human touch. Give them the freedom to offer guests more information, focus on upsells and create a more pleasant experience. Customers order more when placing the order themselves rather than with a server, and this frees up your staff to focus on provides products to guests instead. Streamline the number of servers you staff for each shift to become even more efficient.

                                                 Self-Ordering-Kiosk for restaurant

Self-Order Kiosk has some major changes on customer behavior:

Customers get to be as picky as they want. Most of us have fairly specific preferences about the things we buy, especially food at restaurants. But when you order from a live person, placing a complicated custom order feels like inconveniencing someone. As a result, customers using self-service kiosks JP-SC100 tend to choose more custom options and add-ons, even when they cost more money. This is an example of a win-win for the consumer and the business, increasing customer satisfaction while also driving sales.

When restaurant customers place orders through a touchscreen at their table,there are lower barriers to customer transactions. Self-service kiosks JP-SC100 mean shorter lines, less chit chat, and total freedom to text or listen to podcasts while buying your latte. Customers appreciate all three of these conveniences. The bottom line is that the JP-SC100 make it easier to go into a business, get what you want.

                                                Self-Ordering-Kiosk applicaion 

Self-Order Kiosk  Advantages:

With Self-Order Kiosk, your restaurant has the option to deploy Android-based countertop options that support all of the following features and functionality:
Fast & Intuitive: It easy for guests to select the items they want to order, customize to their liking, and check out in a matter of minutes. Guests can then pay and receive a printed or emailed receipt without waiting for assistance from an attendant.

. Support For pay in cash Types:Guests can allow customers to order food and pay using banknotes and coins. The Kiosk can also dispense banknotes and coins as change.

. Increased Guest Satisfaction: With guests placing their own orders, providing self-ordering options reduces wait times and increases customer satisfaction.

. Increased Revenue: Guests tend to order more items when using self-service solutions, which will lead to an increased bottom line.

. Reduced Costs: Self-serve kiosks not only reduce labor costs but also reduce costs associated to inaccurate and returned orders.

Jarltech Self-Ordering System

Jarltech Self-Ordering System could integrated with Touch monitor and Digital signage . Such applicaion can be used to not only engage and entertain waiting customers, but to also increase product awareness and stimulate purchase behaviors.

Jarltech Self-Ordering System could integrated with Thermal Printer for recording transaction data. It can be use for cross-analysis of consumer purchase behaviors.

Convenient Self-Service System for Enhanced User Experience

Jarltech Self-Ordering System was designed by modular which easier and more affordable for customer to integrate into their system. As a payment solution, Jarltech Self-Ordering System has very compact design and high performance, built-in 3” thermal printer, also support many different countries’ cash.Self-Check-In Services Reduce Personnel Costs, the barcode scanner can streamline the overall service process.

This can reduce customer wait times and enhance the service quality and speed. Integrated with digital signage management software, point-of-check-in system terminals can be used to automatically play interactive advertisements and QR code promotions to attract customer attention.


                                                 Self-Ordering system for option



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